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Nehemiah 1:1-11

Nehemiah cares about his people, and about the glory of His God. God helps him see reality (his own sin, the broken condition of Jerusalem and God’s people, and the possibility of being used by God). His prayer involves confession, a plea for God to keep His word, and to show His lovingkindness – things God will always do. Ever notice how God arranges things to accomplish His plan?

Mark #5 of a healthy church “Evangelism”

The topic of evangelism is extremely important as it is about us sharing our faith with others we come in contact with. It is a broad subject that goes far beyond sharing our testimony to telling people “the plan of salvation”, what they must know and do to be saved. We will look at the “who, how, what, and why” to get a biblical understanding of evangelism.

Who Am I?

Pastor Greg challenges us to look introspectively for the purpose of understanding our strengths and weaknesses for God’s glory. By humbly letting God search our hearts and reveal our sins and the gifts He has given us, we can both change and use what God has given us to serve Him and His people.

A Time for Everything

Time is a precious commodity. We all must consider what the best use of it is. What was Solomon trying to get across to us when he wrote “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven:”? There are a number of references to time and the wise use of it that we will explore.

Finished but not Forgotten Colossians 4:7-18

The last 11 verses of Colossians are considered closing remarks or greetings,yet we find the importance of sharing burdens (the last important use of our speech). Trusted friends can be praying about situations and circumstances. Everyone likes to be encouraged. Greetings to and from can be a real blessing. Thank you Lord for all you have showed us in this wonderful letter from Paul.

Colossians 4:5-6 Your Life Is A Love Letter

Pastor Greg speaks on our need to love the outsiders around us, those who are unsaved. These may be our neighbors, family, co-workers or others that we come in contact with. He shares from Colossians 4:5-6 where Paul exhorts the Colossian believers to wisely use gracious and appealing speech when communicating with the unbelievers around them.