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Senior Pastor Dan Tanner

Dan Tanner

Missionary Pastor

253.441.0224 cell

I liked being a grocery clerk, but 10 years into that profession, God called me to be a missionary pastor to rural America with Village Missions. My wife sensed the call as well and God opened doors for us. How God got us through 3 years of Bible School with three small children and me having no previous college experience is a small miracle. We were sent to Bliss, Idaho and then Seely Lake, Montana before we came to Eatonville. What a great community to be a part of.

God blessed me with 39 years of marriage to Donna before she left for heaven. Our 3 girls are grown and on their own. I’ve been a pastor for 31 years, and 26 of those were here at Tanwax Country Chapel. I have served as a Chaplain with the local Fire District for many years and have found I can be helpful to the school district as well as a substitute bus driver.

I like to sing, whistle, laugh, play games, and read my Bible. Fun with family has included outdoor recreation, watching movies, singing, shopping, and many small building projects. Belonging to the family of God is so special too. Tanwax Country Chapel has been a wonderful place to serve God and love people. Besides speaking, I teach, and generally help with other tasks needed around the church and for the people here.

Pastor Greg Olson

Greg Olson


253.720.7191 cell

Although I answered God’s call to fulltime ministry a little later than some, I’ve been at it professionally now for nearly 8 years and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I graduated from Northwest Baptist Seminary with a Master of Divinity degree in 2010 and am currently attending Corban University pursuing a Doctor of Ministry degree in Strategic Leadership.

I love spending time with my family whether at the Zoo, on a hike or simply chilling out at home. Running is a particular favorite pastime of mine, although I don’t get around to it as much as I used to, and I enjoy singing and playing music.

At TCC you can find me doing a little bit of everything from teaching Sunday School, preaching, personal discipleship, or helping with Audio Visual stuff. I love serving my church and helping us grow together. I love the family atmosphere here and the very generous nature of the wonderful people at Tanwax Country Chapel.

Elder Neil Fisher

Neil Fisher

Elder Emeritus

253.847.8060 office
253.985.7768 cell

I grew up on a farm in Kansas; when my father retired from the farm and turned it over to me following my marriage to Wanda in 1952, I assumed that I would be a farmer for life.  However, God had other plans for us and in 1954 we had a farm sale and went off to college.  Following graduation from college, we began serving as missionaries with Village Missions; we served three different fields over the 36 years of ministry before retirement.  God blessed us with a daughter and a son.  who in turn blessed us with four grandchildren who in turn have blessed us with three great grandchildren.  Over the years I have enjoyed camping, hiking, scuba diving, boating and kayaking with my family.  Wanda and I appreciate our family and are so grateful for them.  And we appreciate the fellowship of our Tanwax Country Chapel family.  We count it a privilege to serve the Lord.

Elder Bob Mitchell

Bob Mitchell


253.271.8004 office
253.278.3236 cell

Bob works for the state of Washington as a purchasing manager and is new to the elder team. He is very active with the Boy Scouts and other active pastimes such a tennis and camping. Bob also teaches the youth Sunday School class, is a Centershot Instructor, and helps with a variety of other “odd jobs” around the Tanwax.

Deacon Rich Collins

Rich Collins


360.832.6484 office
253.720.6158 cell

Rich has successfully tried his hand at a few different endeavors through his life from butchering, furnace repair, and a variety of other building projects. Rich likes going for long walks with the lovely wife and helping out his children and grandchildren with their many activities. He has been a deacon for a few years now and helps out with a variety of projects around Tanwax.


James Harris


253.268.9103 cell

James began serving at Tanwax in 2008. He is currently involved with Worship Music, Youth Group, Sunday School, and IT. He works as a member of the Air Force Reserves. His hobbies include music, hiking, computers, and swing dancing.


Bob Kuper


206.972.3570 cell

When I was 10 years old, I would wake up early on Sunday morning and go across the street to Elk Plain Community Church to build a fire in the stove so the church would be warm when church services started. Since that time, my faith has been important to me.  Time went on and I served in the U.S. Army stationed in Nuremburg, Germany, where I was discharged in 1956.  I started college at PLC (now PLU) on the GI Bill.  I was married to my lovely wife Kathy at the time and two young children to take care of.  I didn’t finish my 4th year of college and had to go to work full time to support my family.  I started working in the food industry that lasted until I retired at age 65.  My wife Kathy and I have been married for 61 years.  My family consists of 4 children, 10 grandchildren, and 16 great-grandchildren.  It has been a great life with many ups and downs, but by the strength and faith I have in our heavenly Father, all is well.

Education Director Vivian Ewing

Vivian Ewing

Education Director

360.655.5236 office
253.312.7278 cell

Vivian was born in Washington State and attended Cleveland High School in Seattle and much later Tacoma Community College (TCC) earning an Associate Degree in Nursing.  She’s the wife of a Village Mission pastor and they have served in two fields here in Washington State.  Vivian has been married to George Ewing for 48 yrs and they have three grown children.  She’s a retired Registered Nurse and her hobbies are archery, postage stamp collection, knitting and reading.  She has a twin sister, two other sisters, and two brothers.   Vivian is currently the Christian Education Director for TCC.


Jessie Mitchell



Jessie grew up near TCC, in rural Eatonville, moved away for college and a career for a while, and came back. She is the wife of Bob and a classical Christian home educator of three children. Jessie enjoys serving with TCC, spending time with her family, learning, tutoring, cooking, taking care of home & chickens, camping, and gardening.


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