Tanwax Country Chapel Centershot

Centershot Shootout Success!

This was our first year using Centershot as a ministry and it was a great success. We were able to purchase the equipment, train several instructors and coach about 70 archers! This was all possible because of the gracious support of the TCC family. Thank You!

Tanwax Country Chapel Centershot Archery

Centershot is an archery ministry at Tanwax Country Chapel that uses the life-skill of archery as a tool to teach spiritual truths from the Bible. Join us this Fall as we have fun together becoming better archers and learning more about the Christian life.

It has been so great getting to know some of the TCC family better through this new venture. People have stepped up into roles that have stretched them spiritually and it has been great seeing what God is doing in their lives. We have also been able to reach out to the community through archery and also teach them about our love for Jesus.

In the future we would love to be able to reach even more un-churched people from our community though this tool. As we take a break for the summer and think about Fall, a few needs come to mind. One, we need continued volunteers to run the program. As it grows, so must our instructor base. We grew to 2 nights this past season and potentially could do even more if we have the volunteers and the demand.

Also, we need prayer that we might truly reach some who might be more shy about entering a normal church service. This ministry is great for such people but we need to find them, invite them get them to come. This is where each of you can do a part. Invite your friends, neighbors or other community members who you think might benefit from this ministry.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Greg